Looking for the finest cup of coffee in Holland Park or Samford. Look no further than the rare pear, fine food cafe, for exquisite Di Bella coffee, prepared to perfection.  Di Bella Coffee is the only coffee company in Australia to deal 100% direct with the farmer. They are also dedicated to supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices. See their My Crop to Cup green bean buying program.

To ensure you always receive quality consistent coffee, we purchase 100% of our green beans direct from the farmer. Our Crop to Cup green bean buying program is our guarantee on consistency. These green beans are then blended and roasted to achieve a specific flavour profile to best compliment and highlight the natural characteristics of the beans. Di Bella Coffee


Don’t forget every tenth coffee is free with our coffee loyalty program.

We also have a brilliant range of healthy smoothies and juices. Our Green Juice with CUCUMBER, CELERY, APPLE, GINGER, MINT, LEMON, APPLE-SOAKED CHIA SEEDS is almost as popular as our Train Tiger Protein Smoothie with VANILLA PROTEIN POWDER, SPINACH, MIXED BERRIES, BANANA, ALMOND MILK, NATURAL YOGHURT, CHIA SEEDS, CINNAMON. We have lots more including a breakfast smoothie with OATS, HONEY, SEEDS AND MORE.


Reservations with 24 hours notice are recommended for weekends to ensure a great seat. Booking online HERE. It is quick and easy. .