Milo Milkshake. Proving to be a favourite from the new menu. Available all day breakfast and lunch.  w/milo, ice-cream, choc syrup, whipped cream and chocolate curls.


Thinking Pink? Try our Strawberry ripe Thickshake with strawberry, coco & choc syrup, ice-cream, whipped cream and choc curls.
We also know how to do good old fashioned chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or slightly new salted caramel or coffee milkshake.


DID YOU KNOW. The term “milkshake” was first used in print in 1885. At the time milkshakes were an alcoholic whisky drink regarded by some as a healthful eggnog type of drink, with eggs, whiskey, and other things. It was treated like a tonic as well as a treat. By 1900, milkshakes were whole regarded as a yummy, healthy drink made with chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrup. By the early 1900 ice-cream was being added and by the 1930s, milkshakes were a popular drink at malt shops. “


While we love a good milkshake, we know what century we are in and have a wise range of chocolate free fruit and green based smoothies as well as freshly squeezed juices like watermelon, apple, carrot or beetroot and ginger. Our ever popular GREEN JUICE is house made with cucumber, pear, apple ginger, coconut water, lemon, mint and chia seeds just in time for the warmer weather.